Fer Juaristi

Fer Juaristi Mystic Seminars Speaker

Fer Juaristi

Hello, everyone. My name is Fer Juaristi, wedding photographer, father of a sweet baby girl, married to the love of my life, and an all-time enjoyer of my time and space in this adventure called life. Photography is my passion. I left behind a whole lot to pursue this fantasy and thank God it has started to prosper. In each wedding, my vision is to let things happen by themselves, be a friend for the marrying couple, and enjoy with them their great day. The image should speak for itself -no posing, relaxed style- and above all, each image should transport you to that moment.


“Being the exception”
How filling a spot on your local market can expand & get destination weddings – how? by shooting for you & not what’s expected.

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Fer Juaristi Mystic Seminar speaker Seminar

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